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FAX; 319.365.1692 

December 27, 2012 

Cedar Kaplds,TA 52404 
RB: Firm Closing 

Deav '. 

I write to Inform you that Hense Law Firm will be closed by the time you receive 
this letter. I am leaving the practice of law voluntarily and have consented to 
disbarment. I recently came to understand that I have developed a debilitating 
gambling addiction over the past few years. My addiction has affected my life in 
catastrophic ways; not the least of which is that I have harmed you. • ■ . , 

: . n .You are receiving this letter as notice that I have committed criminal, theft by • 
using funds entrusted to me - some of which belonged - for my gambling 
activities,- There remain no funds in trust - nor do I have any personal assets to 
distribute to you as part of the matter which you entrusted to me. 

By the time you receive this letter, I will not only have reported these theftsto the 
Iowa State Bar Association Client Securities Commission arid the Iowa State Bar 
Association but I will also have turned myself in to the Cedar Rapids Police 
Department and I wilt have notified the Linn County Attorney, Please also know that I 
am engaged in substantial treatment for my gambling addiction and related depression. 
Frank.Nidey, a higMy respected/ long-standing and honorable member of the Iowa 
State Bar, is not only representing me in any pending criminal charges, but is also 
assistingme with closing my practice in accordance with the requirements of the Iowa 
State Bar Association. 

■■ ■ Because I have no present ability to repay the funds which you are owed, I have 
enclosed a form from fhelowa State Bar Client Securities Commission which you 
should use in promptly filing a claim for payment of .the funds you were entitled to 
from the trust account. I will be .responsible for repayment of funds distributed to you 
from the Commission. Please use the attached summary to assist in preparing your 



Second/ while substantial work has been completed to finalize yotu' matter, there 
are tasks which must be completed to close your matter (see attached Summary). You 
will require new legal counsel of your choosing to finalize this mailer and you should 
not delay in retaining new counsel. If you need a referral for new legal counsel. Prank 
Nidey's office will be able to provide you with a list of attorneys who may be ahle to 
assist you in completing your matter. Your new counsel can also directly contact Mr, 
Nidey's office if you prefer. Please know that Frank Nidey's office Is committed to as 
smooth a transition as possible of your matter to new legal counsel of your choosing. 

The files your new attorney will need to complete your matter can be obtained 
from attorney Frank Nidey's office. Mr. Nidey can be contacted as follows: 

Phone: (319)369-0000 

Address: 425 2 nd St., SB Suite 1000 (Former Ground Transport Center) 

Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 

Finally, I cannot begin to express how sorry I am for the awful breach of trust my 
actions have created. I know that I will be punished appropriately by the legal system, 
but the losses I have and continue to experience - financially and otherwise - cannot, 
nor will they ever begin to match the sorrow and shame I and my family feel as a result 
of my betrayal of your trust In me. 

In closing, I will obviously not be available to work directly with you or answer 
the many questions you likely have. Please know, however, that I will work tirelessly 
and to the best of my ability to cooperate with the authorities arid any substitute 
attorney you engage In every way to make tills right for you and to take responsibility 
for the havoc my actions have wreaked on all involved. I am unbearably sorry,